If you want to really be healthy you should be taking vitamins from fresh fruits filled with living enzymes, antioxidants and antibiotics mixed with essential minerals which is far superior that pasteurized fruit products which have undergone the process of heating resulting in the killing of most vitamins and minerals.


If you take away all the processed products from your diet, then what you have left are fresh fruits which you can either take in as is or liquefied.  But even this is highly debated as to which way is better?


Although fruits and fruit juice are basically the same, eating a whole fruit has many fibers that helps our gastrointestinal digestion and makes us feel full.  When you take fruit that has been juiced this means that a large part of the digesting process has already been started and so your body will not have to work as much as when you eat the fruit whole.  Although strictly speaking, eating whole and drinking the juice has the same food value, but eating it whole gives you a higher nutrient density.  Knowing this difference, it give the person the choice of how to take the fruit is since it has the same optimal health value. Read to learn more about fruit juice.


However, most if not all would prefer juicing those fresh fruits since it accommodates handiness.  This includes no messy refuse while enjoying the drink, no bulk when you want to bring them along with you, and no possible smears since it is placed inside a tightly closed bottle or a container.


Another benefit of juicing fruit is that drinking one 16 ounce juice bottle is easier to consume than eating its equivalent of 10 to 12 apples.  This means that when you drink it, you are taking a highly concentrated vitamins, minerals, enzymes etc. rapidly entering into your bloodstreams.  In other words, you can absorb as much nutritional value from those fruits than when you stuff them on your mouth where you are capable to taking only a few and be filled already.


That being said, when your capacity to take more than your mouth can take, it increases your energy, strengthened your immunity, gain stronger bones and also obtain a glowing complexion. Check out also the jus de legumes.



Besides this, a growing body of research findings is concluding that most bottled juices that has been pasteurized and even supplied with vitamin don't help prevent chronic disease.  A synthetic vitamin or mineral is again also nothing but a laboratory simulation of the real thing.  So, while the taste, the color, the density of the fruit juice and even those additional vitamins and minerals are nonetheless imitations but have no value. You can acheter extracteur here!